...the face behind the lens of Marlené Thompson Photography. I was born & raised in beautiful South Africa where the sun always shines, the ocean’s always blue & where memories never fade.

My passion for photography comes from within

as I am creative of nature & have always loved taking photos. I have travelled extensively & lived in 5 countries, where the means of culture & traditions are all different.

I am inspired by romance, beauty & emotions when it comes to photography & like to capture every intimate, delicate & refined detail in my images. I like the ”true” & “once in a lifetime” moments in emotions & portray that in my photographs.

My goal for you is to look at your photo’s & remember every memory, feel every emotion & be taken back to reliving that special cherished moment in time.



Phone/WhatsApp: +65 8374 6874

Email: hello@marlenethompsonphoto.com

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